Last weekend on a stormy autumn sunday i visited the wonderful exhibition of Peter Lindbergh, one of the most influential fashion photographers of the past forty years. The exhibition ‘A Different Vision on Fashion Photography’ is an ode to Lindbergh’s oeuvre from 1978 to the present day. It features more than 220 photographs. This spectacular overview of Lindbergh’s extensive oeuvre also presents exclusive material varying from previously unseen material from personal notes, storyboards, props, polaroids, contact sheets and films to monumental prints, in a large-scale retrospective of the photographer’s work. Ever since i started studying fashion his pure black-white photographs have been my favorites. So all the reason to visit his first ever exhibition in Holland at the ‘Kunsthal’ Rotterdam.

Peter Lindbergh introduced a new realism into photography. His timeless images redefine the norms of beauty. Influenced by the language of film and by playing with the type of the strong, self-willed women. His portraits radiate a certain lack of inhibition and physical grace. This humanist approach and idealization of women set him apart from the other photographers as he prioritizes the soul and the personality. His vision presents them in their pure state, ‘in all honesty’, avoiding all stereotypes as he favours a face with hardly any make-up, bare in a way that enhances the authenticity and the natural beauty of the women he photographs.

As British journalist Suzy Menkes points out “refusing to bow to glossy perfection is Peter Lindbergh’s trademark – the essence of the images that look into each person’s unvarnished soul, however familiar or famous the sitter.”

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Exhibition to be seen untill 12th of February 2017 at Kunsthal Rotterdam
Images of this exhibition by SPONS VORMGEVERS


Last evening we got the change by special invitation of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam to pre-view and photograph two new exhibitions of Frans Post & Hercules Zegers, opening its doors in a few days from 7 October to 8 January 2017.  It turned out to be a magical evening, not only because of both artists’ incredible work but the way it’s curated and diplayed in this exhibition really makes you step into a magical world of wonder.


FRANS POST – Animals in Brazil

The 17th-century artist from Haarlem—who worked in Brazil between 1637 and 1644 in the entourage of Johan Maurits of Nassau-Siegen, governor of the Dutch colony there—is famous for the paintings of Brazilian landscapes that he produced after his return to the Netherlands. That the native flora and fauna depicted in these paintings must have been based on original drawings made in Brazil was always suspected. Until now, however, not a single animal or plant study from his hand was known. Alexander de Bruin, curator of the image collection of the Noord-Hollands Archief, stumbled, to his utter amazement, upon the unrecognized studies. These drawings, together with a selection of related paintings and corresponding stuffed specimens of the South American animals, lent by the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, are to be seen in a wonderful mix that makes this exhibition a must-visit this autumn.

Exhibition: – Frans Post, Animals in Brazil –  runs from 7 October 2016 to 8 January 2017 Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

All images by Hilde van Gerwen – SPONS vormgevers

Notes on creativity … Ferran Adrià

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This week i attended the opening night of a inspiring new exhibition at Marres Maastricht ‘Ferran Adria: Notes on creativity’. For years, Adrià was the head chef of elBulli, the world’s most famous restaurant, a half hour drive from Barcelona. The restaurant only opened for six months a year. For the rest of the year, the chef withdrew to his laboratory with a few trusted colleagues to develop new recipes. Ferran Adrià ignited a revolution in the kitchen, not only in terms of food, but also in its design, cooking utensils and menus. Every innovation was accompanied by drawings, diagrams and formal experiments, through which Adrià translated the vocabulary of taste into the visual domain.

As one of the most important avant-garde chefs of the twenty-first century, Adrià pushes culinary boundaries with knowledge and wit, transforming the art of food into an art form all its own. Hundreds of notebooks have been filled with concepts, ideas, collaged photographs, and loose sketches for new dishes for elBulli.

Notes on Creativity is dedicated to Ferran Adrià ‘s quest for creativity and how that led to his revolutionary, innovative cuisine. The highlight of the exhibition is a specially designed ‘Hall of mirrors’ with an endless landscape of over a hundred floating objects: glass tumblers in all possible forms, metal amuse pictures, slate and glass plates and plastics, which indicate the size of a dish. This exhibition offers an unique peek inside his life and work. To be seen till 03-07-2016.

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Exhibition: Marres, House for contemporary culture, Maastricht

All images by Hilde van Gerwen SPONS VORMGEVERS

Almost nature…

Cold February morning with a beautiful book ‘Almost nature’ filled with photographs of landscapes by Gerdo de Ruijter. By launching his camera aloft, he shows the earths surface without horizon or people, revealing a very real yet abstract beauty. These images show the earth and what is happening to the land. From a satellite, or shot with a camera dangling under a kite some thirty meters up, they give a point of view like you’re a gliding bird enjoying the beauty of colors and textures of the earth.

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Book: Almost nature Publisher TAB books ISBN:978-94-6226-163-1

All images by Hilde van Gerwen SPONS VORMGEVERS



A brand new morning…

My favorite morning ritual after a long cold walk through the countryside,  is sipping a cup of tea in the company of a good book. This morning it’s the book ‘Ode to a building’ in which the 10 year long restauration of the Rijksmuseum was carefully traced by the photographer, returning every day to document the changes. She watched the undressing, the naked skin and the old lady reapplying her make-up. Her photographs show the magic of the building, even before it had one piece of art in it…

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Book: Rijksmuseum Publisher:NA010 publishers ISBN:978-94-6208-071-3

All images by Hilde van Gerwen SPONS VORMGEVERS