Last weekend on a stormy autumn sunday i visited the wonderful exhibition of Peter Lindbergh, one of the most influential fashion photographers of the past forty years. The exhibition ‘A Different Vision on Fashion Photography’ is an ode to Lindbergh’s oeuvre from 1978 to the present day. It features more than 220 photographs. This spectacular overview of Lindbergh’s extensive oeuvre also presents exclusive material varying from previously unseen material from personal notes, storyboards, props, polaroids, contact sheets and films to monumental prints, in a large-scale retrospective of the photographer’s work. Ever since i started studying fashion his pure black-white photographs have been my favorites. So all the reason to visit his first ever exhibition in Holland at the ‘Kunsthal’ Rotterdam.

Peter Lindbergh introduced a new realism into photography. His timeless images redefine the norms of beauty. Influenced by the language of film and by playing with the type of the strong, self-willed women. His portraits radiate a certain lack of inhibition and physical grace. This humanist approach and idealization of women set him apart from the other photographers as he prioritizes the soul and the personality. His vision presents them in their pure state, ‘in all honesty’, avoiding all stereotypes as he favours a face with hardly any make-up, bare in a way that enhances the authenticity and the natural beauty of the women he photographs.

As British journalist Suzy Menkes points out “refusing to bow to glossy perfection is Peter Lindbergh’s trademark – the essence of the images that look into each person’s unvarnished soul, however familiar or famous the sitter.”

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Exhibition to be seen untill 12th of February 2017 at Kunsthal Rotterdam
Images of this exhibition by SPONS VORMGEVERS



Last week we were asked to collaborate and shoot an image for a new advertising campaign for Bloemenbureau Holland, called #lievelingsbloem or ‘My favorite flower’. Since nature and flowers are one of our biggest inspirations that was an absolute dreamjob to style and shoot. Lucky us, we just got a lovely gift that week after a shoot in Amsterdam, so these colchicum bulbs, one of Autumn delights’ for sure, were perfect for this occasion. Not only because of their promising beauty, but also as a reminder that sometimes on the least expected moments in life you’re fortunate enough to meet people that give you wings…


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All images by Hilde van Gerwen SPONS VORMGEVERS
First image created for #watbloemendoen advertising campaign Bloemenbureau Holland

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So happy to collaborate with brands with not only eyecandy products, but with core values that enhance the beauty of the product even more. Kovac Family from Sweden is such a brand. So we were delighted to be asked for a collaboration and shoot images of their gorgeous 25lamp. Their designs are inspired by nature, with the ambition to make products with as small impact on the enviroment as possible using only sustainable materials. This beautiful lamp is called 25lamp, as the numbers of parts used. As simple and lovely as that…

Here are the images from this shoot which will be used for their visual identity on their website and social media


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All images styled and photographed by Hilde van Gerwen SPONS vormgevers
Product: 25lamp by KOVAC FAMILY

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Last evening we got the change by special invitation of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam to pre-view and photograph two new exhibitions of Frans Post & Hercules Zegers, opening its doors in a few days from 7 October to 8 January 2017.  It turned out to be a magical evening, not only because of both artists’ incredible work but the way it’s curated and diplayed in this exhibition really makes you step into a magical world of wonder.


FRANS POST – Animals in Brazil

The 17th-century artist from Haarlem—who worked in Brazil between 1637 and 1644 in the entourage of Johan Maurits of Nassau-Siegen, governor of the Dutch colony there—is famous for the paintings of Brazilian landscapes that he produced after his return to the Netherlands. That the native flora and fauna depicted in these paintings must have been based on original drawings made in Brazil was always suspected. Until now, however, not a single animal or plant study from his hand was known. Alexander de Bruin, curator of the image collection of the Noord-Hollands Archief, stumbled, to his utter amazement, upon the unrecognized studies. These drawings, together with a selection of related paintings and corresponding stuffed specimens of the South American animals, lent by the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, are to be seen in a wonderful mix that makes this exhibition a must-visit this autumn.

Exhibition: – Frans Post, Animals in Brazil –  runs from 7 October 2016 to 8 January 2017 Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

All images by Hilde van Gerwen – SPONS vormgevers


This week the brand new studios of Boutique Hotel Lumiere opened their doors. Located in the heart of Eindhoven among the most luxurious shops of the city. An urban and inspiring environment amid all the necessary facilities to make a stay into a fantastic experience. An intimate boutique hotel where you’re surrounded with all the comfort you would expect from a luxury city hotel. With a new addition of eleven brand new short-stay studio’s amongst an exclusive penthouse studio on the roof that provides an amazing view on the skyline of Eindhoven day or night, and a beautiful balcony to enjoy an early morning outside breakfast, and two dreamy big bedrooms. All luxury within hands reach to have a wonderful stay in the midst of the city.

We have been designing their visual identity for many years and this time we also had the pleasure of having the first ever big XL prints of our photographs on the walls. We’re very proud of the result, see here some images of the images;-)


All images shot in the new studio’s of Boutique Hotel Lumiere, Eindhoven
All images shot by SPONS VORMGEVERS
The XL prints (150 x 150 mm) are printed by D-sign visual solutions, Geldrop

For more info on XL prints of our photographs, please send an email to

Summer eve wanderings…

Looking back on June, one of my favorite months of the year, as a beautiful month filled with new adventures and wanderings. Not only in my garden, with the arrival of the beautiful roses with their divine scent and enchanting names as ‘Nina Renaissance’ and ‘Ghislaine de Feligonde’, but also with a wonderful evening wandering through an empty concerthall in Amsterdam. We got the opportunity with 20 other Instagrammers to visit this grand historical building which houses 128 years of classical music history. We got to see the backstage rooms where the conductor has his final moments before entering the personal elevator leading him to the big stage of the main hall and all the musicians of the orchestra rehears with their violin, cello and piano before playing their part of the symphony…

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Summerdress by Little Creative Factory, Barcelona
Hairbow by Free Babes, Denver USA

All images by Hilde van Gerwen SPONS VORMGEVERS


Recently i was asked to style and shoot productimages for a new exclusive online marketplace with well-established and emerging designers specialized in distinctive Nordic design, called Since i absolutely love the aesthetics of design made in the Nordic countries with its minimalistic timeless touch i was more than honored.


ENIITO originates from the Latin ‘ab initio’ meaning ‘from the beginning’. ENIITO aspires to be the beginning of a prosperous relation between shoppers world-wide and Nordic designers. Driven by a passion for design and entrepreneurship, ENIITO is established to assist Nordic designers reach quality conscious shoppers world-wide, because quality designs should be easy to reach no matter where in the world. So they created an online platform where every brand has it’s own shop in which the designers share all about their work, their passion to create, the philosophy of their brand and the stories behind the designs. It offers a insightful peek behind the proces of creating and adds so much value to the product to itself, knowing which story the designer is telling with their designs. The philosophy behind their designs, which materials are used and why they choose just that one. How it is manufactured, often made by hand with love, with traditional skills, in high quality materials, mostly in small quantities. Honest craftmanship in every way. High quality and sustainability as a solution to mass production and overproduction.

Each brand is carefully selected to fit the Nordic feeling and offers the highest quality designs delivered only by designers from the Nordic countries. Each shop at ENIITO gives you a piece of Nordic coolness and borderless design that transform your everyday into a long-lasting aesthetic pleasure. Designers who are just as passionate about their work as the people of ENIITO themselves. They are committed and have the talent to always deliver products that reflects the Nordic design traditions for quality, functionalism and minimalism. ENIITO not only offers a chance to shop straight from the best independent Nordic designers, but the design of the platform itself is just as beautiful too, with clean, minimalistic graphics and photographs.




The birth of RUNA took place in the High Coast, a World Heritage site located in the north of Sweden. The jewelry´s minimalistic design is a reflection of the grand and rugged landscape. The name, RUNA, means secret and wisdom but it is also the name for a set of letters and symbols that people used thousands of years ago to tell their stories and mark what was theirs. Jewelry with raw and simplistic design with loud statements. Made in the north of Sweden.
A little piece of jewelry with big meaning. To wear on your favorite shirt or collar. The shirt is one of those historic garments that people have worn through all times. The RUNA is a statement piece to add just that sophisticated personal touch to your outfit. A beautfil piece of jewelry to just push on to your shirt button. Not only do you enhance your look, you are now wearing a mark of who you are and what you want to say. The RUNA is carrying its own symbols with the aim to tell the stories of today.

This beautiful piece of jewelry is made from a bar of solid metal. It has a clean, lathed finish. Each RUNA is marked with a symbol that represents action. The RUNA i choosed has a human mark. A mark that represents humanity, wisdom and intelligence. Receiving your RUNA is already a present cause it comes in a beautiful raw finished cardbox made from Swedish recycled paper. A beautiful matt contrast with the shiny special piece of jewelry.

OWNER  –  Sanna Grannas
RUNA is designed by Sanna Grannas, born and raised in the World Heritage site called the High Coast located in the northern Sweden. Since the first tie, bow tie and cufflinks were invented in the 15th century. she thought it was time that a new alternativ entered the stage. So she created a jewel that uses symbols from yesterday to tell the stories of today, RUNA. The design is inspired by the raw landscape in the north of Sweden and every piece is made in the High Coast.



An exclusive brand with beautiful leathergoods in storage accessories and bags designed and made in Aarhus, Denmark. Functional, aesthetic and simple refinement is what comes to mind seeing their products. All made by hand, with the use of the finest soft Italian leather. Leather that will age in their own way, as it is constantly developing its own expression and color, due to oxygen, light and contact with your hands. All their designs are finished with subtle detailing, as in handmade stitching with use of the finest waxed linnen thread, which adds a beautiful refined contrast with the high-quality leather. Part of their branding is the subtle imprinted logo that adds just that perfect detail.

The designers behind this brand are the couple, Ham and Lerche, both passionate about simplicity and functionality. Started in 2015 and since then rapidly growing. Not only because of their innovative approach to storage accessories but also because of their use of high-quality materials and following the rules and trends of interior design. In their design process, they love to combine the craft with functionality, aesthetics, and simplicity. All their products are created in limited numbers.

I immediately fell for the elegant minimalistic and refined leather accessoiries. The earphone case organizer keeps your earphones cable nicely rolled up so it is always organized and manageable. Untangling earphones is from now on easy and will save you tons of time. It is made from Italian leather and sewn by hand at their workshop in Aarhus, Denmark. The leather pencil holder is made from vegetable tanned leather and sewn by hand in Aarhus, Denmark. It is perfect as a desk pen holder, paintbrushes holder or for other office organizational needs.The pencil box features the best Italian leather that ensures a long life for your product.

All images styled and photographed by SPONS VORMGEVERS
Products from RUNA & HAM&LERCHE available at ENIITO, for my selection of products just follow this link to ENIITO.

Images are all copyprotected, please don’t use without permission